Directed by Franca González

Run time: 77 minutes


The film is a documentary about Liniers, one of the youngest and most talented cartoonists of Argentina. His drawings are published daily in the newspaper, in books and in magazines. In the privacy of a house in the cold winter of Montréal (the temperature moutside is below 30 degrees), he creates, dreams, innovates while he is permanently recorded by the film director’s camera. The film shows the story of that particular cohabitation which becomes possible through a scholarship for foreign artists that imposed such condition precisely. Neither of them had ever lived with a stranger for such a long time.
One year later, they meet again in a hot, stifling Buenos Aires. Liniers seems like a different person here. He has just become a father. He is an artist spoiled by critics. The Director proposes him to continue with the filming and show the other face of Montréal.


nominated among the 5 best documentary films of the year 2010.
Argentores 2011
nominated best documentary film scripts released in 2010 in Argentina.
27° Festival Internacional de Mar del Plata
nominado mejor guión cinematográficos de largometrajes documentales estrenados en 2010
Best Documentary Full-length Film.

San Juan 2010

32º La Habana Official Competition Documentary Section
14º Málaga Official Competition Documentary Section
Toulouse Rencontres Cinémas d’Amérique Latine


5º Argentinische Filmtage Leipzig


VII MARFICI Mar del Plata
International Competition of Documentaries
Arabian Hispanoamerican Film Caravane

2011 Spain, México, Colombia, Perú, Egypt, Beirut and Yemen


2011 México

5º FemCine

Santiago de Chile 2012


2012 Girona Catalunya

Lapacho 2010

Chaco, Argentina

Documental MENDOC

2011 Mendoza Argentina

Ventana Sur Films


bDoc Bs.As
Work in progress
Film selected by the Instituto Cervantes of Spain for its Ibero-American release in the city of New York 2012

Franca González


She wrote and directed Miró, hints of forgetfulness (2016) Work in progress, To the end of the world (2014), Totem (2013). Liniers, the simple lines of things (2012), Fanny Edelman (2008), Behind de railtrack (2006) and Land without evil (2004).