Directed by Julio Ludueña

Run time 86 minutes


The surrealists and fantastical tales that Julio Cortázar wrote about human reality, represented in a collage produced with the drawings and paintings of great, well known artists and with advanced animation techniques. The tension between social classes, between the local and the foreign, the popular and the classic, the color and the black-and- white, the figurative and the abstract, bring back to life the eternal debate between opposites that the imaginary cronopios and famas represent. A movie based on the book published worldwide.

From literature to visual arts As the cronopios and the famas and their incredible stories were created by Julio Cortázar, the images for the movie are pieces of art created by ten well-known Argentinian artists: Carlos Alonso, Patricio Bonta, Cristobal Reinoso (Crist), Ricardo Espósito, Felipe Noé, Magdalena Pagano, Luciana Sáez, Daniel Santoro, Antonio Seguí and Ana Tarsia.

Their artistic skill and personal style give each episode a different reality and this aesthetic diversity builds the common narrative universe that goes through the whole movie.

Free software The technical staff, led by Juan Pablo Bouza, did the modeling, texturing, rigging, compositing, lighting and animation by using the most advanced free software resources, and providing the best technology for each artistic style.


La Habana Internacional Film Festival
2° Award
Yerevan International Film Festival Animation
1° Award
Best Adaptación

International film Festival Mar del Plata 2013, Málaga International Film Festival 2014, Sudestada Latinoamerican film Festival París 2014, Book’s Room París y Guadalajara 2014, 17° Toulouse Rencontres Cinémas d’Amérique Latine 2015, XIII World Film Festival Bangkok 2015 and Carthago International film Festival 2015.

Julio Ludueña


Directed and produced the following fiction movies: “The night of the awaken cameras” (1970), “Alliance for Progress” (1972 ), “Civilization interferes and doesn´t allow to hear” (1974), “Little Angel Lito” (2009) and “Cronopios and Famas” (2013): animated movie based on the short stories by Julio Cortázar created with the use of different animation techniques over the drawings and paintings of the most distinguished Argentinian artists.

Several books have been published regarding Julio Ludueña´s cinematographic work. “The Cultural Machine” by Beatriz Sarlo (Planeta, 1998) and “The Group of 5 and their contemporaries” by Néstor Tirri (2001) which refer to a retrospective of their movies reviewed in the BAFICI lll (Buenos Aires Festival of Independent Movie Making).