Directed by Carmen Guarini

Run time 65 minutes


A group of foreign students take part in a short cinema workshop in Buenos Aires. They are asked to work on the subject of Memory, and on one of the expressions which has only recently become visible: some paving stones in the city, laid down to remember the people who were disappeared (desaparecidos) by State Terrorism.

Without any previous knowledge about the subject, the youths begin to learn more about histories and situations that are very far away from their own experiences.

Based on the making of a film, they reflect on the forms that the transmission of memory in its several layers takes. The film becomes an essay on the ways that image is the protagonist in our ways of developing the past.


La Habana 2013

27 TH Mar del Plata International Film Festival (2012)


Carmen Guarini


Memory and its diverse forms of representation are the subject of interest for this well-known director, with a PhD in anthropological cinema from the Nanterre University with Jean Rouch, throughout her vast documentary work, which is internationally recognized and has won many awards at large festivals of the genre. Already in her early films with Marcelo Céspedes:  To the Companions Freedom (1987), The Voice of Shawls (1991) Jaime de Nevares, The Last Trip (1995) the directing duo devoted themselves to delving into the subject. Carmen Guarini’s filmography is completed with:  Buenos Aires, Stories from the Ghetto(1986) The Eternal Night) (1991) Stories of Weekly Loves (1993), In the Name of National Security) (1994), Red Ink (1998), Companion Birri (Unpublished, 2001),  H.I.J.O.S., The Soul in Two (2002), The Devil Among the Flowers) (Short, 2004), Meykinof (2005), Gorri (2010), The Buenos Aires Paving Stones (2011), H-Rights (Episode, 2011) Streets of Memory (2012) and Walsh Among Us All (2015).