Directed by Daniela Goggi

Run time 90 minutes


Abzurdah tells the story of Cielo, an upper-middle class teenager who meets a man nine years older than her through the Internet, with whom she begins a relationship and falls madly in love. Involved in a superficial environment, with no friends and in an adult world which poorly understands the teenage universe, the relationship becomes an obsession for Cielo, a loquacious narrator, who is incisive and vertiginous, and who leads us throughan unrequited love story where the option of giving up eating becomes the illusion of a perfect life.


Miami Festival
Gijón Festival
Syracuse Festival
Río Hondo Film Festival
Sur Awards
Newcomer Actress Eugenia Suárez
Supporting Actor Rafael Spregelburd

Daniela Goggi


She studied at the Film University (Universidad del Cine) and graduated as a Cinematography Director. She studied to become a professor, and earned her degree as a Cinematography Professor, specialized in directing. She worked as direction assistant in documentaries for television and in spots. In addition to teaching, she is a scriptwriter and director. In 2005 she filmed Eves (Vísperas), a movie with international recognition. She wrote three TV series: I’m coming (Me voy a venir), Between hours (Entre horas) and Metal bodies (Cuerpos Metálicos). In television she directed My wife is a secret agent (Mi señora es una espía) and Between hours (Entre horas), a miniseries comprised of 13 episodes which won the contest of the Public Digital Television (Televisión Digital Pública). In 2015 she directed Abzurdah, one of the most successful movies of the year with around 800,000 viewers. Currently, she faces a new challenge with The red thread (El Hilo Rojo), to be released on May 19.