DAC –Directores Argentinos Cinematográficos (Argentine Film Directors) – is an association that was founded in 1958. It currently represents the rights of more than 850 directors as authors of their audiovisual works, in film and in television.

Based on such representation, we offer this Traveling Show Argentine Directors Contemporary Cinema  (Muestra Itinerante de Directores de Cine Argentino Contemporáneo – MIDACC).

Our goal is to promote around the world the variety of proposals, genres, and the technical and artistic capacity as well as the professional and industrial capacity of the current Argentine audiovisual culture. Including its directors as part of a production which is both permanent and effective.

We extend our deepest gratitude to the Film and Audiovisual Arts of the Argentine General Culture Department from the Ministry of Foreign and Religious Affairs of the Argentine Republic and its respective representations, who enable the circulation of the exhibition with their great and continuous management


Please visit www.dac.org.ar